It all began

Art of Everyone began in 2014 that was seen at the time as just another night hanging out in Brad Noble's studio - filled with art, music and technology tinkering. After seeing two separate, innovative techniques he was experimenting with, we said why don't we combine them for the fun of it. Brad started directing us to paint from behind a large canvas using a laser pointer. He never touched the canvas and a couple of novices, pushing paint through the canvas, brought a portrait to life.

STYLE: Portrait  |  TITLE: Three Faces

After a few years of traveling with the concept and working it out with groups of people of various backgrounds, AOE saw the wonder, excitement and joy it brought. It truly is the art of everyone where artists and people, of all ages, collaborate to manifest creativity where art and technology are blended into a unique experience.

TITLE: Is Be  |  STYLE: Street Art

TITLE: Is Be  |  STYLE: Street Art

Art of Everyone is fully customizable and scales from small intimate private settings to large activations that can include multiple and simultaneous locations. We have a team of highly skilled artists that are trained to execute this method by directing the collaboration of the piece in their style. Our team of artists specialize in various forms of art from portrait, abstract, landscape to sill-life and more.