join our team

We are always looking for great talent
to join our specialized team as Artist Conductors and Artist Assistants to
guide people in creating large scale paintings

Possess great artistic skill, but also strong leadership and communication skills - must be very comfortable working with people in general as well as a high level of comfort having direct contact and communication with our clients.

As an Artist Conductor, you will be painting with your imagination, translating and guiding participants to follow your lead from the type of stroke, colors to use to the pressure being applied to the canvas. This ability to communicate with the participants and lead them is as important as your ability to create beautiful art.  

As an Artist Assistant, you will be the Artist Conductors right-hand person, working closely with the team helping participants prepare to paint. There is also the opportunity to work towards becoming and Artist Conductor.

This is LIVE PERFORMANCE art like nothing you've seen.

Art of Everyone is hired by corporations, advertisers, private and public events as well as philanthropic and educational.

Depending on the type of activation, we will assign one or more Artist Conductors to fit the needs of engagement. In other words, if you specialize in portraits and the activation called for that style, then you would be considered for that given engagement

The range of opportunities here will be great. From one painting being created for a team bonding event to a larger program requiring multiple artist in as many markets, states and/or countries. Art of Everyone is designed to scale +/- and is fully customizable. 

One panting takes approximately three hours of conducting/painting and about an hour to set up


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