Art Inspired by The Roswell Alien Interview Transcripts

By Ashley Child

Art of Everyone -  Is Be  (front)

Art of Everyone - Is Be (front)

Art of Everyone -  Is Be  (back)

Art of Everyone - Is Be (back)

While listening to The Roswell Alien Interview we were wildly captivated and started painting as we listened and processed what we were hearing. As a collaboration, our team of artists contributed their ideas and responses to a large scale canvas. One guided from in front with a laser and the other painted from behind. This painting is a collection of different points of views, different approaches and different emotions and yet it all comes together as a unique and united piece of art. 

The Roswell Alien Interview consists of official Top Secret U.S. Army Air Force interview transcripts and personal notes that Lawrence R. Spencer received from the late Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy who was the nurse and companion of the one surviving extraterrestrial being that was rescued from the UFO crash site. The extraterrestrial who went by the name of Airl would only communicate with Mrs. MacElroy. For six weeks, Airl communicated telepathically with Mrs. MaclEroy and no one else. Sixty years after the Roswell crash, Mrs. MacElory felt the moral and ethical obligation to share these transcripts and included a note with her transcripts. "Mankind needs to know the answers to questions which are contained in these documents: Who are we? Where did we come from? What is our purpose on Earth? If there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe why have they not contacted us? It is vital that people understand the devastating consequences to our physical and spiritual survival if we fail to take effective action to undo the long-standing and pervasive effects of alien intervention on Earth." 

We encourage you to to listen to these fascinating transcripts and revisit this art and see how it compares to how you reacted to what you heard and what you retained. The transcripts contain a plethora of information that can easily envelop you. 

Here are just a few excerpts of many things that resonated with us.


“IS-BEs (Immortal Spiritual Beings) have been dumped on Earth from all over the galaxy, adjoining galaxies, and from planetary systems all over the “Old Empire”, like Sirius, Aldebaron, the Pleiades, Orion, Draconis, and countless others. There are IS-BEs on Earth from unnamed races, civilizations, cultural backgrounds, and planetary environments. Each of the various IS-BE populations have their own languages, belief systems, moral values, religious beliefs, training and unknown and untold histories.” - Airl


"IS-BEs are brainwashed using extreme electronic force in order to maintain Earth's population in a state of perpetual amnesia." - Airl

Art-of-Everyone AOE

We would love to hear your thoughts. Let us know what other stories you would like us to listen to and paint.