By Shawn Olsen

Like an Underdog, Undigital becomes more and more a positive to me in world of Digital overload. Like millions, I yearn for "real" experiences without the layer of a screen of any kind (that still sounds funny to say).

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 9.48.05 AM.png

I want great food and drinks, travel, museums, a beach, time with friends, my dog....... Experiences where I can use all my senses. It's no wonder that Events as a marketing tactic are at an all time high. And Art of Everyone #AOE is one of the best undigital creative experiences around. Every activation brings great satisfaction to everyone involved.


It's simple, AOE brings people together for the purpose of creating art. Not the kind of paint and sip art where everyone is painting the same image on their own canvases. But dozens of people (even hundreds and thousands) each putting their 'signature' on a collective large work of art. 

AOE is natural synchronicity that allows people to express their creativity. It's the connection and intentions of people in real time. The Undigital interactive art experience.