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Art of Everyone engages people through art, expression and communication – connecting with people and putting the creativity in their hands. It’s big and bold and open minded. With paint stick in hand, participants follow the lead of an Artist Conductor and help create works of art – and no technical skills or special abilities are needed. Just the desire to create. 


After a few years of traveling with the concept around the country and abroad, and working it out with groups of people of various backgrounds, Art of Everyone’s founders saw the wonder, excitement and joy it brought. It truly is the art of everyone where artists, and people of all ages, collaborate.

How it Works

The Artist Conductor stands a few feet away on one side of a special, freestanding canvas (ranging from 4’X5’ to 4.5’X6.5’) and begins outlining an image using just a laser pointer and his voice. Participants in turn stand on the other side of the canvas and begin painting by following the laser dot as it travels around the canvas. The paint that the participant applies pushes through the canvas, creating the intended image. Hours later, a work of art has been created by dozens of people – many of whom hadn’t met but are now part of a collaborative effort.

A variety of artistic styles can be created, ranging from faces to figures and contemporary to pop art.

We are constantly growing our team of highly skilled Artist Conductors that are trained to execute this patent pending method by directing the collaboration of the piece his or her own style. Our team of artists specialize in various forms of art from portrait, abstract, landscape to still-life and more.

Types of Events

AOE is fully customizable and scales from small settings to large venues - public and private events - that can include multiple and simultaneous locations. We have a broad range of opportunities including company off-sites, corporate retreats, large-scale events, fundraising & auctions, sponsorships, team bonding, private sittings, tours, educational, live music integration, product launches, trade shows to permanent installations.