Jaron Newton

Jaron Newton is a Figurative artist based in New York. He was raised in both KansasCity Kansas and Kansas CityMissouri. Upon his graduation from the Kansas City Art institute 2003-2007 hemoved to New York. September of that year. Driven by his love of anime and self expression he pursued a career as a freelance animation artist. In 2013 Jaron stopped freelancing in animation and realised what really made him happy was drawing on theweekends at Spring Street Studio and the Art Students League of New York. February of 2014 he enrolled at the Art Students League of New York as a part time student. Studying under Costa Vavagiakis he learned the basic principals of developing form and paint handeling. The summer of that year he was strongly encouraged to study with world reknownillustrator and painterMax Ginsberg . He studied with him for the month of August and realized a tremendous growth in his progress. Jaron came to the conclusion if he were serious about becoming a great painter he'd need to be a fulltime student. The art students league was great for developing a top notch artist likemost atelier's do, only at a fraction of the cost. By May of 2015 he received a Merit Scholarship for the 2015-2016 year. From June to December of 2015 he got the opportunity to paint for Jeff Koons. Heworked on the Paintings for "Masterpiece Theatre" hyperrealistic paintings of selected masterpieces. Jaron currently serves theArt Students League on the Board of Control (Board member)and is a full-time artist making his living doing portraits,andmural commissions. He’s a believer in practice and the 10,000 hour rule and spends 3hours doing observation painting and 1.5 hours drawing all at the Art Students League.