brad noble
creator & artistic director

Brad is a fine artist, working in large-scale figurative oil, specializing in the human form. He has a passion for faces - humans and animals. He’s always been one to embrace emerging Tech and figuring out how it could be incorporated into his work while staying rooted in the old mediums.

Art of Everyone - There is a translation by all parties that takes on its own unique personality. Often, painting is a solitary endeavor. Brad has brought collaboration into painting by including people that may or may not have artistic ability, creating a performance art piece that has never been done.

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james chantler brown

James began his career as a comic magician, headlining comedy clubs, luxury ocean liners and lecturing to the industry throughout 38 countries. He was a regular consultant for the FOX-TV series “Arrested Development” and for Steve Martin and his character “The Great Flydini. His magician days started when he was a kid trying to reverse engineer tricks and illusions he saw and dreamed up himself.

James took that ability and later applied it to live events, custom advertising solutions and branded experiences developing multi-million dollar advertising platforms with AOL/Huffington Post, Youtube, Google, Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures.


shawn olsen

Shawn is a live performance fanatic with hundreds under his belt. He loves them and attends a couple on a weekly basis whenever possible. To pay for all of these event tickets, Shawn has worked extensively in the world of marketing. From Event Management and Promotions to Advertising and Digital Content, he has created, developed and executed multi-million dollar programs for the planet’s top brands. The launch of Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey with 15 events across the country in one night and This Built America for Ford are among his proudest professional moments. Most recently, Shawn ran Brand Partnerships and Custom Solutions for AOL/HuffingtonPost.