Neighbors Link Annual 2018 Gala

“For your next event, up the Wow factor
with Art of Everyone"


The whole process of Laser Guided Painting came together one evening about three years when James Chantler Brown and Shawn Olsen were visiting Brad Noble's studio in Springfield in 2014. 

The concept was created by combining two different artistic techniques that we merged together. “Brad refers to Art of Everyone as analogue speed painting. Speed painting is a method of painting typically done in a computer graphics program in a limited amount of time where the software records hundreds of paint strokes.”

Brad wanted to move speed painting out of the digital realm and use real paint and press it through the back of a specially treated canvas to create a similar outcome to what the computer can produce.

He was able to achieve the desired result by conducting an artist participant to push paint through a canvas with the use of a laser pointer as a guide. Brad had been using laser pointers for years to teach artists to paint by giving them paint stroke instructions over their shoulder.

After a few years of traveling with the concept and working it out with groups of people of various backgrounds, we saw the wonder, excitement and joy it brought. It truly is the art of everyone where artists and people, of all ages, collaborate to manifest creativity where art and technology are blended into a unique experience.

Art of Everyone thoroughly engages an audience and unlocks its creativity by putting the power of painting in the hands of anyone who wants to experience the joy and freedom of self-expression. It’s big and bold and open minded. With paint stick in hand, participants follow the lead of an Artist Conductor. Any technical skills or special abilities are unnecessary. 


The Artist Conductor begins outlining an image on a large canvas using just a laser pointer and a vivid imagination. Participants stand on the other side of the canvas and begin applying paint by following the laser dot travels through the canvas. Everyone in the crowd can try it and in no time a work of art is created – and the Artist Conductor never touched the canvas. Art of Everyone harnesses the collective creativity of the crowd; it's an experience you will never forget, and leaves you with (the gift of) a beautiful piece of art.

Art of Everyone is fully customizable and scales from small intimate private settings to large activations that can include multiple and simultaneous locations. We have a team of highly skilled artists that are trained to execute this method by directing the collaboration of the piece in their style. Our team of artists specialize in various forms of art from portrait, abstract, landscape to sill-life and more.